Decorating the doors: The doors of fridge

The fridge now is not only merely the utensil to store food, but also used to decorate your kitchen space. The monotonous doors of a fridge now becomes where you collect the decorations on your preference. Let’s refer to suggestions below and pick out a favorite collection for the doors of your fridge.

  • For example, a collection of funny animal images on the doors of the fridge is OK?
  • On its doors, you can decorate with a lot of ideas as decals, drawings, photographs and sticker pieces.
  • Made from plastic and wood, the pieces of sticker are shaped in all kinds, exquisitely and lively crafted. These pieces of sticker could be removed easily when you no longer. These pieces of sticker now are sold in the interior decorations shops, on websites selling online.

Try it once and you will see that it is very interesting!

  • First, If you are interested in wine, you can buying in the stores or manually manipulate a mini wine collection on the doors of your fridge.
  • Two, If you love food so much, especially the cakes, why do not you select the mini samples of food or cakes to be steep in the world of incredibly cute food and cakes.
  • Three, If you are a fan of tourism and enthusiastic with learning the culture of countries, a collection of European streets or famous landmarks of countries in other continents will be a great suggestion. Let’s bring European streets as well as the scene of the countries that you love on the doors of the fridge in your house!

Decorating the doors: The doors of wardrobe

The painting board, wallpapers, and romantic hanging curtains are something you can adorn the doors of the wardrobe in your dressing room to become unique and luxurious. We can turn the daily boring space of the dressing room to be a place full of life and outstanding.

Wallpaper is often a solution simple but extremely effective in creating new looks for the space of dressing room. You can try using many different wallpaper patterns and merge them into a unique graphic picture on the wardrobe doors to have a fresh feeling in this space. You can cut the wallpaper into any shape you like to paste on those doors in the dressing room. This idea is very suitable to decorate the doors of the wardrobe in the room of your child.

In order to be little more creative, you can use your lovely clothes to decorate these doors to make the wardrobe more beautiful and stylish.

In the room below, an open hide wide wardrobe system are hide behind the slider fabric curtain sexy and elegance. This curtain has the alternate function to the rigid wooden wardrobe door, creates a soft and comfortable visual feeling. This is also a useful decorating idea for small spaces that want to combine the bedroom and dressing room.

As in a narrow dressing room, the wooden door will make the space more small and difficult to open the wardrobe. Please measure the length and width of the wardrobe carefully to be able to choose the suitable size.

Let’s decorate your child’s room space become shimmering and splendid by using lovely and soft fabric curtain instead of the wardrobe door.

At the first glance, you probably will not be able to realize that behind the unique and exquisite landscapes is a wardrobe system has large storage capacity. By this decorating way, the doors of your wardrobe have created the thoroughly and flat sight. Your room will be prominent and charming when wearing this wonderful dress.

In the room of your kids, you should create a look bright and clear in order to promote the development of young children by using bright colors such as white to decorate this space including the doors of the wardrobe.

When designing the wardrobe doors, you can design the sliding wardrobe. Use the color of doors sync with the wall paint color is the best. Your babies will love their little space more, love learning and discovering more through the unique sliding door of the wardrobe.

Without fancy decorations had brought a classic beauty very warm and unique to the dressing space. You can take advantage of the old doors of your house. Then paint a coloring you simply get the wardrobe doors impressive. This way helps you to save a sum for the family budget. In other benefit you make the new rare personal style for your living space.