If you and your partner have decided to take the next big step in your relationship and get a place together, you are probably super excited to start decorating your home in a way that the two of you love. When in a serious relationship, you have probably already figured out how to compromise and that you will have different opinions. This is not going to change when decorating your first home together so it is important to find common grounds.

Make a list. The first thing you need to do after you’ve found the house you both love is to make a list about what you want the interior to look like. What colors do you want on the walls? Do you want a modern themed home or something completely out of the ordinary? Do you want wood floors or carpet? Simple questions like these need to be discussed and wrote down to create the outline of your new home.

Focus on a common interest instead of differences. Of course, your opinions will vary when it comes to decorating your new house. Instead of focusing on the differences such as your partner wants wood floors instead of carpet, focus on the fact that you both want tan coloured walls. Compromise is the key. All couples love their photographs because they denote memories. You can change your photos to custom paintings or if you want to save money, you can also draw it from photos. Try incorporating something that you both love into the home such as a photo of you in a contemporary frame.

Think of your relationship when decorating.

If you are a young couple, you probably love the idea of bright colors and stand-out textures. Do not be afraid to mix-and-match. Adding a contemporary color such as white or tan on the walls gives you a blank canvas when it comes to furniture and decor. Experiment with bright colors and textures to allow your personality to shine through. You can also add bright or unique paintings or photos on the wall that give you a sense of excitement.

Getting your first house with your partner is a big step in your life and should be a fun process. Add items to your home that remind you and your partner of exciting times. For example, if you are your partner met at the zoo in front of the elephant exhibit, add elephant pictures or statues to your home to keep that memory alive. Focus on what you want in your home and relationship and go from there. Home decorating can be extremely fun especially with someone you love.