Front door colors – In decorating your house, do not miss the chance to impress your guests firsthand with your front door. There are different materials for a front door but wood is among the most popular option for its timeless beauty.

You can easily make a statement with your wooden door by choosing the right color for this. This article does aim to tell you how to paint a front door instead, it provides a quick guide on how to choose the suitable paint color for your front door.

1. Why choose wooden front door?

Wood is the top choice for showing warmth and style with your front door. Its natural beauty is unparallel and you can custom the door with different colors and styles as much as you want. Most popular choices are oak and cheery but there are various exotic options available for you.

Of course, it comes with a price. Wooden doors are often the most expensive front door options and consistent maintenance is required to avoid cracks and change in color.

2. Why paint your wooden front door?

Your front door leaves the first impression of your house, right? You can treat it just like any door or consider it something that showcases your style and taste for your guests.

Isn’t it better to have a front door that looks welcoming and/or special than a boring front door with little to no impact on your guests? Lets paint your front door nicely and make it both blend with well the house surroundings and stand out from other houses in the area. It is not a complicated job and the reward is nice.

3. Where to get the color inspiration for your wooden front door?

Whether you choose a color for your front door for the first time or think about a new color, it is not an easy decision to make. In fact, you may feel overwhelmed by hundreds of colors and color combinations. Should a neutral color be nice or may a high-contract hue look better?

The inspiration for your front door color can easily come from your home and its surroundings. Take a look at the plants around your house, the flagstone walkway or your roof. Any of them can give you nice color ideas about. You want a color that blends really well with its surrounding rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

Here are some ideas for you:

If your house has lots of natural greens from your garden: a green front door, which can be tricky in other cases, is likely the right choice here. It fits the natural flagstone walkway well too.

If you house is comprised of stonework or brickwork: just darken its color for the front door.

Even the roof color can be helpful: if it has a light color, let’s make a contrast and choose a dark color for the front door.

Similarly, if it has a dark tone, go light with the front door color instead. The stonework or brickwork tends to be a better source of inspiration, though.
Have a look at the house landscape and decide if you need a hue that can brighten the overall look or can tone down the use of too many colors in your house surroundings.

4. Front door paint color recommendations:

It is simply impossible to have a color that looks good on every house. What paint color to choose for your front door is up to your personal preference. For light, low-impact colors, you can choose soft yellow, white or cream; meanwhile, dark colors can leave better impressions. The list of popular colors below is for your reference only.
Red: It is a classic color with many different hues. It is bold and eye-catching, especially with a high-gloss finish but it is not easy to pull off. If you decide on this color, make sure your house really suits it or it can be a disaster; for example: your house should have stonework or brickwork.

Black: Like red, it is bold. A black front door with white trim has a very classic feel to it; be aware that black can look cold and intimidating. If your house is situated in a place without lots of sunlight, skip black.

Blue: It is a great choice for your front door with a huge range of shades.

You can easily find one for your home, no matter how demanding you are. Your front door may be painted with a really calm or funky color, who knows.

Orange: It is the right choice for people who want to make a statement. This vibrant color simply commands attention and welcomes people inside the house.

Yellow/gold: It is really suitable to create a warm, welcoming feeling for your guests because it looks bright and cheerful. Choose the suitable intensity that reflects the sunlight well.